MusicNT has placed a strong focus on Advocacy in recent years and this investment of time and resources is beginning to generate outcomes for the NT music sector.  While 2020 reduced our capacity to delivery face-to-face programs we renewed this advocacy approach and focussed on the development of pieces of work that will guide MusicNT’s direction in the coming years.  Key to this are the NT Live Music Strategy, The Women's Music Plan and the development of the NT Industry council.

All three documents are the first of their kind for the NT and while they are scheduled for public launch in 2021, the majority of consultation and preparatory work was held throughout 2020.  These documents both describe pathways and frameworks for the future development of the NT music sector as well as placing MusicNT firmly in significant policy and regulation discussions at all levels of Government.

We move into 2021 broadening out this advocacy approach to include the education sector and we will build on the work and awareness that has been created over the past 12 months to continue generating and agitating for positive change across the NT music sector.