Northern Territory Music Industry Code of Conduct

Northern Territory Music Industry Code of Conduct – promoting diversity, inclusivity and upholding the rights of all across our industry.

The Northern Territory Music Industry Code of Conduct confirms commitment to safe and respectful music spaces and to an industry free of harassment including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.

Everyone involved in the Territory’s music industry has a responsibility to build safe and respectful music spaces.  Everyone benefits from this.

The principles espoused in this Code are applicable to all work and work-related environments. These can include but are not limited to, rehearsals, industry events including professional development opportunities, festivals, awards, company functions, recording studios and performance venues.

Harassment can take many forms including unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate jokes or texts, threats, intimidation and other unwelcome verbal, written, visual or physical communication or conduct.

Marginalised groups, including female, non-binary, people living with disability, people from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities and First Nations peoples, remain disadvantaged within our industry. Evidence indicates a viable, thriving and safe music industry requires equity for all, and diversity throughout all industry environments.

Signatories to this Code will lead by example, upholding the highest standards of respect, encouraging transparent reporting of complaints, cooperating in the investigation of any such complaints and safely calling out behaviour that doesn’t adhere to the principles outlined below.

Signatory individuals and organisations agree to:

  1. Maintain zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence, and to safely call out, and/or refer to relevant authorities safely, behaviour that contravenes this.
  2. Not place unnecessary attention on, or discriminate based on a person’s gender, race, ability, age, sexuality, career status or on any other personal or cultural attributes.
  3. Respect physical boundaries and spaces of others in work and work-related environments.
  4. Operate within anti-discrimination legislation, NT WorkSafe and Fair Work NT guidelines which apply to any and all workplaces, including venues, within the Northern Territory.
  5. Maintain a respectful, courteous and professional approach to others.
  6. Ensure parental, carer or guardian consent for any and all dealings with minors and be aware that behaviour and language should be adjusted accordingly.
  7. Consider overall event diversity when funding, planning, delivering, promoting and evaluating events (ie, gender, sexual identity, age, ability, local representation).
  8. Consult with local First Nations leaders on the appropriate wording to acknowledge Country and ensure this acknowledgement is delivered prior to the start of any event.
  9. Clearly, promptly and transparently address complaints regarding behaviour contravening this Code and cooperate with the investigation of any such complaint.
  10. Acknowledge the social and moral responsibilities that come with having an audience.
  11. Ensure a physically safe venue environment for performers and audience.
  12. Ensure a safe environment for performers and audience with respect to alcohol and drug consumption.

This document will be reviewed annually in December.

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