From 2013 to 2016 Desert Divas performed as a group at the start of MusicNTs Bush Bands Bash.  From 2017 this was refined to provide spots for 3 emerging soloists from across all our Divas programs to play up to 3 of their original works with support from backing musicians.  Prospective soloists were asked to submit an application

The IWMP Industry Reference Group and MusicNT staff from IWMP and Bush Bands decide who the successful applicants are.  We look for women who have come through our Divas programs, are ready to perform to a large audience and who can participate in and benefit from Bush Bands Business, the 4 day music development and industry camp held at Ross River Resort before the big concert.  

From 2019, MusicNT started acknowledging the individual women who were selected to perform on posters and other promotional materials –  previously this had stated “Featuring Desert Divas.”  Along with funding through Bush Bands, our IWMP also contributes towards ensuring these performers have dedicated music mentors/session musicians and paying for accommodation, travel and meals.


Performers:  Lena Kellie, Patsy Coleman, Celestine Rowe.  

Dedicated female mentors:  Shellie Morris, Dallas Frasca, Casii Williams.  


Performers: Casii Williams, Jessie Grainer, Patsy Coleman.  

Dedicated female mentors:  Shellie Morris, Chelsea McNeilly (Skyeater). 


Performers:  Shannen Cubis (Shana Ray), Jessica Grainer (JessiK), Tash Clarke

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