Sista Sounds

Sista Sounds has been visiting remote communities and Alice Springs schools and youth groups since 2011.  It provides introductory music development workshops for women and girls which can include songwriting, singing, karaoke, practicing different instruments, setting up for a gig and looking after equipment and so on.  Sista Sounds also advocates for more opportunities or safe places for women and girls to practice or learn music in.

After almost a decade of providing Sista Sounds in remote communities and that there are many more Indigenous women in music performing regularly, MusicNT now focuses on communities which have:

  • Strong interest from key community members and services for music activities for women and girls
  • a dedicated music room that women and girls can use or can set up regular times for women’s and girls’ music activities and actively support and encourage them to come along.
  • staff who can follow up or support women’s and girls’ access to space and equipment in between our visits
  • at least basic musical instruments and sound production equipment available for women and girls to use
  • Suitable accommodation for our facilitators to stay in.

Remote workshops are expensive and there are often long gaps between Sista Sounds visits to each community.  Supporting “hubs” for women’s music out bush promotes more opportunities for artist and music development by encouraging individuals to keep on practicing and organisations like local Aboriginal Corporations, Remote Indigenous Media Organisations and Regional Councils to actively include women and girls in the regular music activities they provide, with advice and visits from SistaSounds and RAMP.

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