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Chapter 12: Providing transport services and advice

Ensuring that patrons are able to get home safely after leaving a venue is important for a number of reasons. It minimises the risk of people becoming frustrated and potentially aggressive outside your venue, it prevents crowds from forming on footpaths and roads that could lead to safety and amenity issues, and it makes your venue more attractive as a place to socialise.

Best Practice

There are a number of steps you can take to assist patrons depart your venue safely and avoid crowds forming on the footpath or road.

  1. Ensure all bar and door staff are aware of:
  2. The location and routes of nearby public transport services, including
  3. All night bus, and other transport options that run on Friday and Saturday nights;
  4. approximate times these services cease to operate;
  5. The location of nearby public or private car parking facilities; and
  6. The contact details for local taxi services and any
    designated taxi ranks near the venue.
  • Encourage groups of people who have driven to your venue to nominate a designated driver for the night. Consider introducing a venue policy of providing
    designated drivers with free soft drinks or bar snacks.
  • Direct bar staff to monitor any patrons who are drinking alcohol and have indicated that they intend to drive home. If there is a risk that they are over the blood alcohol limit, encourage them to use alternative
    modes of transport to get home and to collect their car in the morning.
  • Direct crowd controllers or staff to manage patrons who are waiting for taxis outside your venue to ensure orderly queuing and acceptable behaviour.
  •  Notify local taxi companies when events are being held at your venue and the time they are expected to finish.
  • Have a phone available for patrons to use free of charge to call a taxi, friend or relative to collect them from your venue.
  • Promote late-night transport options on promotional material including the venue’s website


Northern Territory Government Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Logistics

The NTG website contains information about all public transport options in the Territory, including metro buses, cycle tracks and ferries. There is also an NT Bus Tracker app for live updates on public bus services in Darwin and Alice Springs.

Commercial Passenger Vehicles

The NTG regulates commercial passenger vehicle licenses throughout the Northern Territory. Information on taxi/ minibus areas, fares and regional maps can be found online.

Rideshare Apps

Uber operates in Darwin while rideshare app Oscar has drivers in both Darwin and Alice Springs. Users can download their apps or visit the following websites for more information:
Oscar Ride Share

City of Darwin E-scooters & E-Bikes

E-scooters and e-bikes are available for commuters in Darwin’s CBD area. The orange scooters and bikes can be used via a smartphone app. Neuron, the company who manages the them, can be contacted for more details on pricing and areas of operation.