You Gotta See It To Be It - Strategic Directions For NT Women In Music

Chairperson's Forward

Australian women have made an enormous contribution to the development and quality of the Australian Music Industry in all roles. Their participation in the Industry as creative artists, producers, venue operators, in all aspects of music festivals, public music board members, on radio play, Indie labels, music award winners, successful grant winners and as music students has continued to grow and be recognised. The gender gap is slowly narrowing in most music industry fields.

However, it is clear we will need ongoing attention and strategic focus across all areas, to improve and enable the success and participation of women in the Australian music industry. Whilst appreciating the diversity and the degree of collaboration within the NT Music Scene, outcomes for Northern Territory women reflect the national gender gap. Disadvantage and marginalisation continues to impact on women’s success and participation. A stark example is the MusicNT 2020, Territory Sounds Countdown of the Top 40 Territory Songs of All Time, when only 3 women made it into the top 40.

The lack of opportunities for women and girls to engage in all levels of the music sector in the NT, and in particular women and girls in remote communities, has provided us the catalyst to consult directly with the NT music industry about gender equity.

This plan, the first ever Northern Territory Women’s Music Plan, “You Gotta See It To Be It” documents NT women’s experiences in the music industry, capturing what is working, what is needed for positive change, and how industry can best support gender equity. As the peak music body in the NT, MusicNT will lead by example. We will audit our work against gender equity and diversity markers, respond to the recommendations contained in this plan and engage across the sector to lobby for and support greater opportunities for women in music.

There are many stellar examples of NT women achieving in all aspects of the music industry, however there are many more examples of systems that make a pathway in music for many women a difficult and sometimes impossible journey. Diverse, inclusive music scenes benefit everyone, and everyone has a part to play in ensuring women and girls have every opportunity to be involved in the NT music industry.

Our plan has been enabled and strengthened by fearless and honest engagement from women and men across the sector and welcome ongoing feedback and input. Through this plan we “choose to challenge” attitudes and systems which inhibit women’s participation and success.

MusicNT thanks everyone who has contributed their ideas so far. We look forward to working alongside all members of the industry to develop and grow women’s success and participation.

Participation by Northern Territory women has contributed to a diverse and vibrant music sector. We aim to celebrate this, and to strengthen and maintain a diverse and inclusive industry which enables participation, innovation, and creativity.

Claire Kilgariff - MusicNT Chairperson